Validated Microseq DNA sequencing of bacteria, yeast or fungi

Microbial Identifications by DNA sequencing -  Fast, Right, Cheap and Easy with Eurofins

Microbial identification is an essential tool for pharmaceutical companies that need to identify the sources and characteristics of microbial contaminations in products, environment, water, etc.  

A timely and accurate identification can be the key for successful troubleshooting, providing critical information on potential sources of contamination and the most effective ways to prevent, to control or to fight them.  

DNA sequencing is considered the state-of-the-art identification technique that provides the most accurate results and which is rapidly substituting biochemical methods in the pharmaceutical industry, driven also by the increasing requirements of pharmaceutical companies and competent authorities.  

As an alternative to expensive investments in equipments and methods, Eurofins provides a complete microbial identification service, covering bacteria, yeasts or fungi, specifically intended for pharmaceutical companies, guaranteeing full regulatory compliance, accurate results and which is especially attractive for its simplicity, rapidness and price.  

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