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Milk quality

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Dairy testing is a strategic focus area for Eurofins

For decades Eurofins has carried out raw milk and dairy product testing in the US, Denmark, Sweden, Italy and Poland. This has allowed us to achieve significant experience, improved quality and efficiency. To meet our customer’s demands, Eurofins has enlarged the scope of services significantly. Our cooperation with key costumers is close and proactive to ensure continuous improvements.


Annually Eurofins processes 9 million samples in the USA, 8 million samples in Denmark, 6 million samples in Sweden, 1 million samples in Poland and 700.000 samples in Italy. The samples are processed using the newest technology, and our laboratories run 24/7, as required.

Our services include in-house testing of annually 2 million samples for pregnancy, mastitis (PCR), salmonella, IBR, BVD, P-Tuberculosis/Johne’s and adulterant screening.

To develop our partnerships, Eurofins is strongly interested in sharing knowledge with partners in raw milk testing. Our goal is to have the strongest competences in adulterant testing, authenticity testing, inhibitor validation and quantification, as well as being the preferred partner in calibration standards.

Eurofins Milk believes that we can add ideas and competitive advantages to our partners.

Our developments

Eurofins has internally developed a new LIMS system only for milk and dairy laboratories to improve efficiency and reporting facilities. We have also internally developed a Blue Print for benchmarking and establishing a green field-efficient production unit for raw milk testing.

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 Søren Hansen

Søren Hansen

Business Line Director
Milk Laboratory
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