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Scandinavian Brewery Laboratory

Scandinavian Brewery Laboratory (SBL) specializes in analysis of malting barley, beer and producing products used for analysis and production of beer.

SBL is a department in Eurofins Steins, which provides us with the ability to provide a wide array of analysis on your sample.

If you looking for microbiological or chemistry analyses of your malting barley, we can simply forward the sample to other departments within the Eurofins organization.

SBL have the honor, for being the reference laboratorie for analysis of malting barley according to “The Copenahgen FOB”. For more information, look under the “Analysis”-tab.

SBL produces reagents for the analysis of beta-glucan content in beer or wort. This includes beta-glucan standards and calcofluor reagents. For more information, look under the “Production”-tab.