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Beta-glucan is a group of polysaccharides, which is found in the cell well of corn. The polymer is degraded to short chains or/and it’s monomer in the malting process.

The short chains and monomers archive a higher solubility, through the chain cutting. The higher solubility affects, that beta-glucan is carried through the mashing-process. The problem arises, because beta-glucan increases the viscosity of the mash and wort. This elongates the time allocated for filtering, or in rare instances blocking the filtering entirely.

Beta-glucan is a double edged sword, as it is shown to possess several heathy benefits for cancer and blood clotting.

The beta-glucan content is therefore, of severe importance for the brewer. The content can be analyzed through different reference methods, including EBC – 3.10.2 or MEBAK 110.43.174.

In the two reference methods, we are listed as the supplier for the reagents. Our full sales catalog, can be seen below:

Name Ordering Number
Beta-glucan Standard, 300 mg/L, 200 mL DHB12
Beta-glucan Standard, 500 mg/L, 45 mL DHB13
Calcofluor reagent II, 500 mL DHB16
Calcofluor pulver, 1 g DHB14
Calcofluor pulver, 5 g DHB15